Introduction :: Patient support service
accommodation our partners

Arab-German-Services (AGS) organization, Coordination and support
AGS is a pure service company. We perform our task in close cooperation with the hospitals, Clinics, ambulatory surgery centers, treatment centers and rehabilitation clinics with whom we have special agreements and conditions.

AGS acts as an important interface between hospitals and its target group, such as Private patients, Health offices of the Arab Gulf States and external partners in the medical and social area.

AGS support the patient during his medical stay in Germany. We Carry out the organization and planning and provide him with the best support and assistance.

AGS operates in a dynamic and open corporate philosophy: we do not measure performance and success of realized sales, but the satisfaction of our customers and partners.

We intent to satisfied the patient and his family and ensure them the best support possible. Everything has to not only meet our patient expectations but even surpass.

The reason we managed that with the best result, is that we have been working for many years with this philosophy.
We care for our customers around the clock from their arrival to their departure.